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FEA will Rock your brains out.

Since 2015 FEA has been putting out unapologetic music true to the spirit of Punk. A natural extension of the tradition of rock bands that touch your most innate feelings. With catchy melodies, powerful riffs, interesting vocals over a pure energy rhythms. This quartet has taken their music to the next level with the release of the album "No Novelties". Produced by Punk legend Alice Bag (the bags) in the amazing Sonic Ranch studio, "No Novelties" is a punch in the face of misogynistic critics of all female bands. Much in the vain the GO-GO's were in the 80's. Their sound is new and fresh , no wonder they got picked up by Blackheart, Joan Jett's record label. I really recommend listening to their exclusive performance in Queer Riot 2020.

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Queer Riot Fest
Queer Riot Fest
06 ago 2020

Cant wait!! 🤘🏽

Me gusta
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